Take Care Of Your Memory With These 3 Brain-Healthy Super Foods

Although Alzheimer's disease is a condition that researchers and scientists aren't able to completely understand, they have found that there certain foods with specific compounds that may be able to decrease your risk of Alzheimer's and other memory-related conditions. In fact, proper nutrition (which would include these brain-healthy foods) can help prevent and possibly even treat the disease. Here are five foods to improve your memory and overall brain health:

1. Celery (Luteolin)

A study published in 2010 showed that that luteolin can help reduce your risk of memory loss brought on by age. It seems as if this particular plant compound reduces brain inflammation, which is believed to be a predisposing factor of neurodegeneration. Therefore, luteolin works to prevent extreme cognitive decline by reducing or eliminating inflammatory molecules in the brain. It may even be able to restore your brain to the way it was years ago. In addition, research suggests that curcumin, when combined with vitamin D, can help eliminate the gunk in the brain known as amyloid plaques, which are believed to be a direct cause of the development of Alzheimer's disease. Aside from celery, luteolin can also be found in peppers, carrots, olive oil and chamomile.

2. Curry (More Specifically Curcumin)

Curry and mustard both have a yellow color, which reportedly comes from the spice called turmeric. Turmeric consists of a compound known as curcumin, which may be able to help improve your memory. Research shows that it has the ability to reduce inflammation in the brain and may even be able to cure Alzheimer's disease because of its anti-inflammatory properties. However, more research is needed before that can be determined. One study shows that curcumin has the ability to stimulate neurogenesis (or create brand new cells within the brain), which may be able to help slow the progression of Alzheimer's.

3. Fish, Flax Seeds and Nuts (Omega-3s)

One thing that fish, flax seeds and nuts all have in common is the fact that they contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. According to one study, it is suggested that Omega-3 fatty acids can help slow the progress of Alzheimer's disease. In this study, it was determined that the group that took Omega-3 fatty acids alone noticed less of a decline in their daily activities. In the group that took Omega-3 fatty acids along with alpha lipoic acid, they noticed a significant slowing of functional and cognitive decline over a period of one year.

While you can take steps to prevent memory loss and the onset of Alzheimer's disease, you may still need assistance with taking care of yourself. If this is the case, an assisted living facility may be something to consider, as you will be able to maintain your independence while still getting a bit of help when you need it.

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